BPAC Projects and Activities

You can find brief descriptions of ongoing BPAC projects below. Please contact us if you can help out on these projects. We need you!

BPAC Action Projects: If you are interested in helping with any of the following types of activities please come to our monthly BPAC meeting (for more information see the Home Page), or phone: (812) 988-1917, or e-mail: BPACpeace@hotmail.com

  • 'Truth in Recruiting'
    Get involved with this active group countering military recruitment in our schools. .
    They have been successful in getting hundreds of ‘Opt Out' forms turned in from area high school students and their families, keeping personal information out of the reach of military recruiters.
    Help ‘Truth in Recruiting' in their next phase of getting true alternatives to the military presented in high schools.

    Meeting every other Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.
    Location: Boxcar Books & Community Center,
    310 S. Washington St., Bloomington

    For more information, contact: annetm@bloomington.in.us

  • Counter-Recruiting in our community
    Our efforts are focused on protesting Indiana National Guard recruiting in our community. Members of the Indiana National Guard should not be sent to fight in wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    "Stop Recruiting for the War Machine!" Bring Them Home Now!

  • 9/11 Truth Committee
    Join with other like-minded individuals -- help tell the Truth and dispel the lies about September 11th 2001 atrocities. Organize and publicize a film and speaker series.

  • Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) Committee
    Help organize and publicize actions to pressure Congress to end Iraq War funding and to bring U.S. troops home now.

  • Educate citizens, Congresspersons, and other government leaders about Peace-related issues.

  • Lobby our Representatives, Senators, and other government officials to change U.S. foreign policy toward Iraq; against militarism; and towards Peaceful solutions.
  • Encourage our fellow citizens to act for Peace: sign petitions, write letters, participate in a vigils, demonstrations, marches, or rallies, or in another project on behalf of Peace.
  • Community outreach: help contact and arrange events with church groups, school groups, local fraternal organizations and other political action groups.

  • Publicize Bloomington Peace Action Coalition events, campaigns, and activities: fliering, e-mailing, phone calling, contacting media, etc.

  • Fundraising!
    We have had special events in the past to raise money for specific causes, such as sending humanitarian aid to Iraqi children.
    We look forward to hosting similar events in the future.