Election Fraud & Election Reform

What do we do now?

1. Support those who are investigating fraud committed in past elections, so that people guilty of crimes are indicted and convicted.

In the United States House of Representatives, Representative John Conyers leads is pushing for full investigation of irregularities in the 2004 elections. Visit the website of the House Committee on the Judiciary Democratic Members to access Representative Conyer's January 6th report: "Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio" and to learn what is happening now.

Cobb-LaMarche Recount Team David Cobb and Michael Badnarik, Presidential candiates for the Green and Libertarian Parties, respectively, worked to recount ballots in Ohio and now are working to defend "The Fraud Fighting Four" - lawyers who are now being targeted by Republicans in power in Ohio.

USCountVotes is new, volunteer scientific research project to objectively investigate the accuracy of elections in America .

2. Support groups that are working for national voting reforms. We must review the Help American Vote Act and pass much, much stronger laws to ensure free and fair elections.

The National Ballot Integrity Project lists among it allies MoveOn.Org, Democracy for America, Common Cause, Verified Voting Foundation, Black Box Voting, True Majority, Working Assets, Rock The Vote, People for the American Way, Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights, Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, and more.

3. Learn how election fraud can occur and educate others, especially elected officials.

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4. Act at the local and state levels to make certain that technology and procedures in our local elections allow for free and fair elections.

Voters Unite! "Myth Breakers for Election Officials" has been delivered to 836 local election officials. There are still many to go!

Locally, the Committee for the Preservation of Democracy, a subgroup of BPAC, supported Bloomington City Councilmemeber Dave Rollo in writing and passing Bloomington Indiana City Council Resolution 04-26: To Recognize the Importance of Democratic Transparent and Fair Elections.


Know who is on our team and support them! These patriots have stepped forward to do the tough work -- now they deserve our long-term support in words, actions and dollars:

Visit "Thank you, Patriot" to view wonderful photos of Americans honoring the leaders of the January 6th election contest: Representative Conyers, Representative Tubbs-Jones, and Senator Boxer. Be sure to check out the "Hall of Fame" and "Honorable Mention" links to read the statements of those who spoke out to contest the election, to begin the process of election reform.



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