William Rivers Pitt

A few of our favorite truthout.org articles by William Rivers Pitt:

Our Flag, Too

Arrest Me

Standing Against the Fear

The Other American Dream

The Dog Ate My WMDs

The Insiders are Coming Out

Without Honor

Memo to Central Intelligance Agency

The Other Memo Scandal

Electronic Voting: What you need to know

The Silence around September 11

Of Gods and Mortals and Empire

The Enron Lies are Piling Up

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William Rivers Pitt speaks to the grass roots of American politics, motivating packed speaking halls and millions of readers to become more aware and involved in what is happening to their country and their world.

Books by William Rivers Pitt:

"The Greatest Sedition is Silence: Four Years in America". This passionate and controversial book is the work of one of America's most outspoken and talented new journalists.  William Rivers Pitt's caustic critique of the last four years of American government gives voice to the growing tide of dissent and outrage with America's leaders both inside the country and in the wider world.  Burning with anger, this incisive and readable book argues that, under George W. Bush, America makes a mockery of the values of liberty and truth that it purports to stand for, and that it is now more important than ever to speak out. Greg Palast: "This book is a call to arms for all progressive-minded Americans, and anyone who believes the US is charting a deadly course." Read review.


"Our Flag, Too. The Paradox of Patriotism" Dozens of American soldiers have been killed since the war was supposed to have been over and won. The weapons of mass destruction we were promised -- thousands of tons of choking death that predicated the rush to war -- failed to turn up. Why? Where is Hussein? Bin Laden? Why were we so vulnerable on 9/11? Millions of Americans want to know, and yet there are still those who would question their patriotism for asking those questions. In a series of homespun essays sometimes mournful, sometimes wickedly funny, William Rivers Pitt delves into the heart of these matters and refuses to be ignored. It is the definition of patriotism to seek the truth behind these questions, for in the absence of answers lives a dreadful peril. It is our flag, too, and we deserve better.

"War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know", was a New York Times bestseller, and reached the top ten bestseller lists of the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle, and was translated into twelve languages. War on Iraq offers a balanced, non-partisan examination of the current debate in Washington and beyond. In this shocking expose activist, author, and teacher William Rivers Pitt sits down with former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter to expose the truth behind the hawkish rhetoric of the Bush administration. Ritter--ex-Marine, intelligence specialist, expert on Iraqi military strategy, and Gulf War veteran--dismantles the myths surrounding Saddam Hussein's biological, chemical and nuclear weapons capabilities while revealing the neo-conservative forces pushing the White House toward war. During the seven years the inspections took place, Ritter and other inspectors were able to confirm that Iraq's chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons programs were effectively destroyed, counter to current White House claims. See: Teacher Harnesses Antiwar Sentiment

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Mr. Pitt is a Senior Writer and Managing Editor of the internet news and opinion site truthout.org.