William River's Pitt Nov. 17th Bloomington Lecture a Huge Success!

Over 260 people packed into the Grand Hall at the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center on the IUB Campus to listen to Pitt's address on "The Real War". Over 40 people stood for the 50-minute talk and the 40-minute question & answer period that followed. Pitt's lecture culminated in a standing ovation from the campus and community members who attended. Who is this guy??

Read about William Rivers Pitt and truthout.org

Listen to Pitt's Nov 17th address (mp3 files provided by Nate Johnson):
Introductions by Mary Ann Williams & Siri Loescher (10 minutes)
"The Real War" - William Rivers Pitt (50 minutes)
Question & Answer Period (40 minutes)

Learn from news coverage of the event:
Bloomington Alternative - "These Guys Have Got to Go" by Tom Healy
Herald Times - "Activist Author Blasts Bush Over Iraq War" by Steve Hinnefeld
Indiana Daily Student - "Bestselling author to speak on 'The Real War' in Iraq"
WFHB - Nate Johnson's Interview with WR Pitt Part 1 & Part 2

William Rivers Pitt addresses Bloomington audience, Nov 17, 2003

Mary Ann Williams (above) and Siri Loescher (below) introduce Will

Question & answer session (above). Book-signing (below).




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"Never in our history has a
mob of more feckless thugs occupied the executive branch of this government. One of the worst things to ever happen to this country was to allow these people to use the words, "freedom", "justice", "democracy", "patriotism". Because those good words become lies when they speak them." -- William Rivers Pitt


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"A moment will come on January 20th, 2005. It will be cold in Washington D.C. A man who is not George W. Bush will raise his hand and swear and oath to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America. The words "So help me God" will be snatched by the wind and carried across seas and mountains to the furthest corners of the planet. When that happens, all of the Earth will be joined together in the deepest and most profound exhalation of relief. When that happens, George W. Bush will have become in his absence what he completely failed to be with his presence: A uniter."
--William Rivers Pitt